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Like many phenomena of modern Russian life, it comes from prison culture. And to live by the ponyatiya means not only to stay within the lines but also not to acknowledge the lines existence out loud: a version of the wrestling worlds kayfabe. And, just like with shop mango wrestling, this pretense takes as much effort, if not more, as the real thing. This, perhaps, was why the Muscovites around me were furiously building as many intermediaries between themselves and the state as they could, effectively privatizing government functions but only for their own benefit. Media managers established private medical clinics; frustrated university students, disgusted with ever-worsening official education, organized private student circles, online lecture courses, and educational start-ups. Tidy, modern, for-profit document centers proliferated, offering the functions of, say, the DMV without the rudeness and corruption (though, ironically, the only way they could function was by moving this corruption up a few levels). I was beginning to understand why so many Russians who called themselves liberal were, in fact, anarcho-libertarians in the Western sense, distrusting the government to perform even the simplest jobs. Even the protest leader Alexei Navalny, whose quixotic campaign for the mayor of Moscow in 2013 briefly regalvanized the movement, ran on a promise to, among other things, privatize the police force. In that sense, the Russian anti-Putinists and Donald Trump have more in common than either side would care to admit (though there are many, many things Trump would privatize before the police forces that helped elect him). Alexei Druzhinin Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin, January 18.

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a Byzantine image of Saint George, in recognisable golden painting style, sits in a wooden frame The recovered items included a marble tombstone from the Ottoman empire and a Byzantine image of Saint George. Multinational police agencies Europol and Interpol coordinated "Operation Pandora", led by Cypriot and Spanish police. Police arrested 75 people, and investigated 48,588 individuals, Europol said. Among the recovered items were: A total of 3,561 works of art and cultural items - about half of which were archaeological objects 19 items which had been stolen from an archaeological museum in Murcia, Spain - part of a haul of 500 found in the region More than 400 coins from throughout history, found through "suspicious online advertisements" Image copyright Europol Image caption Hundreds of coins were included in the haul In addition to the 75 people who were arrested, Europol said that 92 new investigations had been opened as a result of the operation. Investigators said that criminal gangs involved in cultural theft were the focus, particularly those who seized cultural items by force - either on land or from sunken wrecks. The operation took place during October and November last year. Image copyright Europol Image caption Spanish officers discovered about 500 artefacts in the city of Murcia Eighteen countries, mostly from the European Union - but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Switzerland - were involved. Cypriot police said they alone recovered almost 1,400 artefacts during 44 searches. Europol co-ordinated efforts, while Interpol contributed its database of stolen artworks.