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As a fashion-obsessed bride-to-be, it was only natural that the moment after my fiance proposed to me last February, I instantly started patrolling my dress options for the occasion. At a size 16/18, I knew that my wedding dress experience, like just about all of my past important fashion moments, was not going to be like everyone elses. Finding any fashionable and fitting piece of clothing for a curvy frame can be extremely stressful, let alone for THE biggest day of your life. Not only do the larger dresses carry a bigger price tag and have less variety in style, most stores do not even carry plus-size samples to try on for fit. Having just witnessed the latest wedding dress collections from bridal fashion week in NYC, I am happy to report that plus-size women have more access to bridal wear than ever. High-end designers like Zac Posen and Christian Siriano are continuing to make curvy bridal options, and major-occasion retailers like Davids Bridal have hundreds of click-to-buy wedding dresses available 24/7. Fast-fashion brand ASOS even released an affordable Curve bridal wear line. I dont know about you, but in my search for the perfect dress, I need options! On the search for that perfect wedding dress in a plus size?

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(Sad But Trues founder calls Landaus cut-and-paste habit absolutely not a secret with other artists, and said that many of the examples hes posted to the blog so far were compiled through conversations with others.) Plagiarism is a serious allegation with potential legal ramifications, and Sad But True occasionally points out that the instances of uncredited repurposing it highlights may not constitute copyright violations. Those that do might be safe anyway. The vast majority of metal albums, including most of those mentioned on the blog, do not bring in enough money to justify the expenses associated with a copyright suit. But some of these bands, such as Dying Fetus, are substantial revenue generators. If the Frazetta estate were to sue over Landaus use of the skeleton in the example above and win, the album could be pulled from the shelves, and both the label and the band themselves could end up on the hook for settling the resultant damages even though the band was almost certainly unaware that Landaus work was not wholly original, and the label may well be in the same boat. The financial ramifications for both parties could be devastating, especially given the precarious economics of even relatively professionalized actors in the metal world. I dont want to dive too deep into the legalities here, given how unclear and uncertain they are to outside observers. (I am also 100% Not An Attorney.) But its conceivable up to a point that nothing might be really amiss here.

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