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How The September 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Horoscope And Relationships All Month Long | YourTango

One of the more significant aspects this summer has been Mars retrograde , which governed our ability to take action and manifest what we wanted, including our relationships. At times during the past few months, we’ve felt frustrated or even simply hopeless that we’d ever be able to connect the dots in such a way to make sense of the bigger picture. The only thing we had to go on during the past few weeks was trust: Trust that we were headed in the right direction, trust that the answers would come when they were meant to, and trust that regardless of anything else things would work out as they were meant to. The weeks from the last eclipse on August 11th to the Pisces full moon at the end of the month was truly a time when we were asked to do some deep work. To make connections. To let ourselves heal. To allow ourselves to move on and to ultimately make the choice to believe in the future. As we usher in September and our September love horoscope, we now have our planet of communication and our planet of ambition direct, which means those really important conversations flow more easily and we will be acting upon everything we’ve been thinking of during the previous astrological cycle. As we begin September, a lot is going to change, a lot is up for grabs, and the only constant may be us realizing that finally we’re understanding that everything in the past has led to this moment now. With Saturn turning direct on the 6th and the subsequent new moon on the 9th, it’s likely that in the span of just a few days we will see some dramatic changes in our relationships. For most of us, we’ve felt as if we’ve been on a path of self-improvement and growth which means that we’re not going to be entering into a relationship just looking for company or for someone we could see our parents liking . RELATED:  The Biggest Astrological Events Of 2018 (And The Mantra To Help Your Zodiac Sign Conquer It All) For those on a journey of self-expansion, this means that the idea of partnering is different as well.

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#astrology been looking more into the MC, which can be connected to vocation & one's highest aspirations. not just what you do, but a representation of your ideals/values in a worldly fashion. check the planet that rules the sign of your MC & the planets that aspect it & the MC.

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