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Hiding or downplaying the existence of Trump goods doesnt fool consumers, though, Coulter said. Grab Your Wallet continues to boycott retailers that sell Ivanka Trumps brand in any capacity, she said. This attempt to play it both ways is seen by all kinds of consumers as duplicitous, said Coulter. Many retailers have been cagey or simply silent. None of those thatremoved Ivanka Trump from their websites have saidwhether the brand will return there, and none of those contacted by Bloomberg have said they dumped Trump over politics. A representativefor Belk said it still carries Trumps brand, but declined to provide further details as to whether that means in-store, online, or both. Saks Off 5th declined to comment. Bed Bath & Beyond, TJX, Stein Mart, and Burlington didnt respond to requests for comment. All of this began, of course, back in Novemberwhen her father won the election.Ivanka Trump-brand products started disappearingfrom such big-name retailersas Nordstrom Inc., Neiman Marcus, and ShopStyle. Anti-Trump activists called for boycotts against anyone who sold herfamilys products, while Trump supporters called for boycotts ofanyone who stopped selling them. In February, Nordstrom confirmed it would stop selling herline, citing poor sales. It quickly found itself in the presidents Twitter feed, where he wrotethat his daughter was being treated so unfairly. Kellyanne Conway, a White House adviser, defended the first daughterin a television appearance, delivering what she called a กระเป๋า แบรนด์ ราคา ถูก facebook free commercial. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Conway was counseled for her actions (whichappeared to violate aban on executive branch employees endorsing products).

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